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Monica Rawlins (46) is a native Houstonian, that has resided in Fort Bend County for the past ten years. Divorced, single mother of a 15-year old son.

I have been continuously involved in community-driven projects and activities – on a professional and personal level – for many years. Fort Bend is a thriving, diverse county. With my experience, knowledge of family law and commitment to the community, I am qualified to meet the needs of this diverse community.

I understand to maintain a strong community the needs of the families in that community must be properly addressed. Litigants come to court because of a stressful time in their life, and the decisions that are made can alter and forever change their life – positively or negatively. Placing me in the position to make decisions that are sound and without any biases will best serve this community. Applying the law properly and without any biases will best serve this community. Treating litigants, attorneys and any member of the community with respect when entering the courtroom will best serve this community.


  • Employed as a caseworker for Children’s Protective Services from 1997 through 1998
  • Attended law school at Thurgood Marshall School of Law (TSU) beginning in 1998
  • Law Clerk for Harris County Attorney’s Office in 1998-1999
  • Graduated law school in May of 2001
  • Admitted to the Texas State Bar November 2, 2001 and Formed the Law Office of Monica Rawlins in 2002

Monica has been a practicing family-law attorney since the formation of her firm including but not limited to divorces, custody cases, adoptions, name changes, child support, grandparent rights cases and many other complex family related cases. Prevailed on Appellate cases involving family law matters. Tried multiple complex cases, including a jury trial.

Over the years, Monica has also worked as – court-appointed for CPS cases and private family law cases for various family district courts; contract attorney for Texas Youth Commission and Texas Department of Criminal Justice; court-appointed Attorney for tax delinquency suits and private cases in Civil Court; and Independent Hearing Examiner for Texas Education Agency.

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